Sigma is a research and consulting organisation with an all India network and data collection apparatus. In line with its core values of ethics, integrity and tenacity, Sigma strives to provide rigour in the data and high quality research and consulting services, to clients in India and abroad, both in the development and commercial sectors (data collection and tabulation service). The areas of expertise of Sigma in social and development sector include child development, climate change, demography / population, disaster management, education, energy, environment, gender/women empowerment, gender based violence, governance (including e governance), health insurance , health and nutrition, innovation, maternal and child / neo natal health, micro finance / pension, reproductive health, rural development, sexual health / HIV / AIDS, social marketing, urban health, WASH etc. The clients of Sigma include international development agencies including UN agencies international and national NGOs, international and national academic and research institutions, various departments of union and state governments. Sigma also provides ethical review of the study protocols through its IRB.

The primary purpose of the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD, pronounced CHRIS-CAD) is to work in close collaboration with practitioners, academics, researchers, policy makers and grassroots organizations in the United States of America and in all the continents of the world in their search for the most appropriate and sustainable ways to rebuild their communities after disasters. Examples of disasters are framed by bad governance and poverty, environmental pollution, HIV/AIDS, wars, conflicts, severe weather-related events, earthquakes, large-scale attacks on civilian populations, technological catastrophes, and influenza pandemics. Scholarship, service, consultancy, workshops and training, outreach and education as well as creative work are key components of CRSCAD’s mission. Indeed, CRSCAD has established an exceptional record of the integration of scholarship, teaching, and engagement.

Established in Singapore, SyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd. is founded by several scholars from different research fields. Our company focuses on knowledge sharing and open-access instead of profiting. We are dedicated to publish high quality articles that provide innovative and scientific research findings to scholars worldwide.